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What is this website?

This website is a Work-In-Progress of a planned project, which will aim to create a brand new forum, which will bring together a community of people from the Old Internet. Nostalgics, haters of what the Internet has become... and so on!

A forum? Where, when, what?

The date remains uncertain, but this will take some time indeed. As for where this forum will be, I am not entirely sure whether or not creating a forum on NeoCities is possible (EDIT: It is not).

If it isn't, we will find another hoster and we will probably copy and paste most of our HTML files, CSS, and such. But for now, I will focus on this website!

More details will soon be shown to you about the forum, on the general idea of how it should work, our caracteristics and such.

How can I follow the development of the project/website/talk to you?

We just opened up a Matrix server to which you can communicate with us and with each other! See the page "want to chat with us?" at the top of the page for more information.

If by any way you want to contribute to our project, feel free to let me know. Whether that be making our name heard, or securing the forum, givings tips and advice... or even just telling how interested you are.

Because I really am unexperimented in many ways, that includes managing a community and creating a forum, or making it anonymous enough, any help is much, much appreciated. Or even just kind words, or bad words!

Why is the website's design so average?

For many reasons - which all will be sorted with time, do not worry - :

Who are you?

You can call me Novak, a random loner dude on the internet who thinks a bit too much. I am the creator of this project and website. More details will be given with time, I am currently writing things on the website currently n such.

Why did you decided to start your project?

[WIP, temporary explanation, may be rewritten a few times] It started a few years ago. Although I didn't experience the entire old internet at the time, I was able to be a part of it in its last few moments, when it was still livable, and a place where escapism, free speech, privacy and so on were still possible. But I saw, witnessed, replayed in my head what the Internet was becoming. A centralized place, where privacy was being lost over time, where people's idiocy was being encouraged and accentuated, where the internet was no longer a place for expression and communication and real encounters, but rather a kind of amalgam where people are unknowingly manipulated on a massive scale. Bots, corporations, money, sponsors, advertisements, globalised hive mind, collective hysteria, and so on were now present. Social networks quickly took over the forums (and I even remember that at the time, there was even an ice cube chewing forum), for the worse. And the worst part was that I couldn't do anything about it. I saw the people of the old net slowly leaving somewhere else, I saw the debility of people all over the social networks (which I think should never have existed), and I was slowly losing the feeling of escapism I had back then. But today, it's all the same. Politics, conflict, insults, ideologies (and I won't mention which ones for the moment, although the more perceptive among you might know after spending some time on my website what I'm referring to), lack of privacy, and much more. One YouTube video that confirmed my thoughts was this video from Glink. And I saw it years ago. Nothing happened. The internet of that time seemed to be only nostalgic ruins, where its former inhabitants either left the internet or remained silent in the darkness of the net. So I decided after long periods of self-doubt about the project, about my abilities to lead it, about my skills (non-existent for the most part), to give it a try for time. I don't care if I have to spend years on it. I would make this forum where I would hopefully gather people who like me hate the new Internet, who loved the old Internet. Who found themselves in it, who loved it, but who have been separated from it. It's a clumsy project and I admit it, because I have little or no real preparation. But it's better than waiting for a miracle. To all of those who wish to speak to me or be a part of the matrix server in the time being, check the "want to chat" page, you'll have to use matrix.

You are the unique visitor! Welcome. Do not hesitate to follow the website on Neocities/put the website in your favorites and come back once in a while, it is likely the website could've been updated.

It currently is !

This website was created the 03/12/2022!

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